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W7 make up review

I was very fortunate to be sent a few products from W7 and Playboy Makeup to review. I’ve decided to do it in 2 parts so this doesn’t get TOO much of an essay.

First up… “W7 Skin Fresh Concealer” (£4.95 RRP from http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk)


The concealer comes in a tube, which is handy and hygienic, easy to squeeze out the amount desired and no wand applicator that can gather germs. The packaging is simple and the shade is written clearly on the packaging.



They sent me their lightest shade “Fair” which unfortunately is still too dark for me, however, I’m not your typical “fair” skinned girl, I’m a complete ghost. As long as you can normally find your shade within the lighter shades of drugstore foundations this concealer will work for you.

That aside, I still tried it out to test its coverage. Its quite thick in consistency, probably better suited for blemishes rather than your under eye area to conceal dark circles and such. Its a medium coverage, definitely enough to cover average blemishes, discolouration, mild scarring.

It wears well for about 4\5 hours. But you could easily pro long that by setting it with primer/powder/setting spray.

All in all a nice product. I’m disappointed I won’t actually be able to make use of this but I’ll be passing it off to my mum who I’m sure will enjoy it.

Next up…

“Angel eyes – Out on the town” eye-shadow palette (£6.95 RRP http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk)



I was so happy with the colour range when I first had a peek inside. The perfect combination of matte and shimmer in all the right colours. A base colour, a highlight (which was actually more of a match on me but as mentioned before that’s just me being as pale as it gets), transition and a darker matte to smoke it out… And some pretty shimmers.


On the cover of the palette, it claims the shadows are “silky”. When I swatched them I agreed with that statement straight away. They are like butter… Very soft, very silky… Just glides onto the skin very beautifully and smoothly. The swatches shown above are one swipe. I think packing on more than that would help give the colours a little more intensity. So far so good…

I then gave the eye-shadow palette a go. I used the lightest shade as a base, second lightest blended through my crease as a transition, third shade as lid colour and the darkest in the outer corner to smoke it out. Sounds pretty right? But here’s the problem I encountered, the shadows blended into each other TOO well. Even with very light handed blending it just blended into one big greyish shimmer. I think this palette will still work as a lid colour only type deal, but trying to use multiple colours together probably won’t show up as anything more than a bit of a smudgy mess.

Also, from the 3rd shadow onwards, there is alot of fallout. So doing your eye make up before foundation would be essential, so you can clean up without ruining your face. Or use shadow shields (or much easier… A bit of tissue to catch any fall out)

I personally won’t be reaching for this much. I love the first 2 shades for a nice base/transition but I prefer palettes that I can achieve a whole look with as I don’t like using a single shadow from lots of different palettes.

Lastly for this post…

W7 Zoom mascara (£4.95 RRP http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk)


Now this I was unsure of. I had previously purchased another w7 mascara and hadnt been much of a fan of it. But I tried to keep an open mind…


This is my preferred wand style… I feel like it’s easy to coat every lash, and doesn’t get clumpy. So this was a good start. I curled my lashes as usual then gave this a test run… And I FELL IN LOVE. Its a fabulous mascara for volumising your lashes without them getting clumpy and spider leg looking. After one coat I couldn’t believe how pretty my lashes were. After a second coat, even more lovely. I didn’t even feel like I needed my false lashes after! Haha. I do have quite long eyelashes naturally though which is important to point out. Mascara doesn’t hold any magical qualities. But for volumising and separating what you’ve got and making your lashes super black…this is perfect. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this when I run out.

Well that’s it for part 1! Hope this has been helpful to you guys if you are thinking about trying out w7! I’ve been using their products for some time and really love their eye-shadow base, brow gel and in the buff/in the nude palettes (Urban Decay Naked 1&2 dupes) Next post will be about the lipsticks from w7 and playboy makeup.

Thanks for reading
Much love
Lois xoxoxo