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Make up revolution velvet lip lacquers first impression

Today I will be reviewing the BRAND NEW velvet lip lacquers from make up revolution. There are 4 new colours to choose from. Velvet Rebel, Velvet Vamp, Velvet Depravity and Velvet Blackheart. Obviously I had to get them all!
quers £3.00 each from



Velvet Vamp, Velvet Rebel, Velvet Black heart and Velvet Depravity


They are the same colours as the lipstick with same/similar names (Rebel with cause, Blackheart, Depraved and 100% vamp) though very matte as opposed to the slight sheen the lipsticks have and a lot longer lasting and touch proof. The lip lacquers are like the original lipsticks but on steroids


First impressions: Firstly the colours are GORGEOUS. They are definitely my kind of thing! Having already tried a lip lacquer from Make Up Academy, also £3.00 and hated it I was a bit worried about not liking these especially as the colours are so perfect I really wanted to like the formula. So when I first applied Red Velvet (first one I decided to try) I was so happy to find it wasn’t the same as the MUA formula which is extremely sticky and bleeds alot. It glides on smoothly and feels like a gloss and very quickly dries matte. I would advise wearing a lip balm under these however I’d advise that for any lip product anyway, especially a matte formula.

Longevity: No plans to go out today, so my stress test will just be wearing it during the day. Also about to eat lunch so I’ll report back on how it holds up!
Its now 7 o clock so thought I’d report back. Have eaten, and drunk several cups of tea. The colour came off a bit onto the cup but when I checked in the mirror it was still great. Then came the ultimate test. My son attempted to remove the lip color with a tissue. Normally I’d distract him so my make up remains intact but decided it was a good test of how smudge proof/touch proof it is. After a good attempt to remove my lip colour it had only gone a little bit patchy but still totally wearable just needed a teeny touch up. Amazing. So 7 hours wear eating and drinking and ALOT of smudging thanks to my son, and it’s held up great. Very happy with this product!

Conclusion: I really love the formula of these, definitely better than I expected! Well done Make Up Revolution another great product!


Velvet Rebel lip lacquer

Make up Revolution eyeliner pens review

I recently ordered a few new bits from Makeup Revolution. In that haul I got a couple of eyeliner pens. When they were launched I was so excited as I’m a big fan of felt tip style liquid eyeliners.

Make up revolution Double Flick & Kohl and flick liquid eyeliners  (£3.50 each)


I got the ‘Awesome Double Flick liquid eyeliner’ and the ‘Awesome dual eyeliner Kohl & flick’


I was very excited about this Kohl & Flick eyeliner. Everything I need in one pen! I always use gel/liquid eyeliner on my lid and Kohl for tightlining/waterline.


The Kohl side of the pen is a twist up as opposed to a pencil, which I prefer. It glides nicely and applies a strong pigmented matte black. The other side is a ‘precise’ liquid eyeliner, which I’ll go into more detail in with the double flick eyeliner pen.



The double flick liquid eyeliner has two liquid felt tip pen style tips. One is more pointed, the “precise” liner. This side can be used to create extremely thin and precise lines, perfect for drawing on that extra sharp wing! The other side is a little thicker and less pointed but still very precise. This side will create a little thicker of a line. My favourite method for using this eyeliner is drawing my lash line on thick using the thicker pen tip, carving out a wing with the precise side, and filling in with the thicker side.


(I used the Double flick liquid eyeliner in this photo)

The liner is long lasting and pretty smudge proof. My new favourite, eyeliner. I love it, especially for £3.50!

Much love
Lois Xoxoxo

Make up Revolution – I ♡ Makeup “Death By Chocolate” REVIEW!

I’ve been very excited to try this palette, it got released the day after I’d put in an order for some other MUR goodies, and as I didn’t want to have to pay the shipping for this palette alone, I decided to wait until my next order. So its finally here, I’ve photographed it, swatched it, worn it, so now here’s the review!

I ❤ Make up by Makeup Revolution “Death by Chocolate” Eye-shadow Palette £7.99 from

unnamed (4)unnamed (3)

The palette comes in a cardboard sleeve, with a viewing window where you can see the palette. On the back of the box there is a display of the colours found inside the palette.

unnamed (2)

So I’m sure as you can see for yourself, that this palette was probably inspired by the ‘Chocolate Bar’ eyeshadow palette by Too Faced. It’s very similar in size, and the layout of the eyeshadows is somewhat similar too, with both palettes having 16 colours in total, and both having bigger sized highlight shades. The shadows don’t smell of chocolate like the Too Faced one does, but I can live with that!

unnamedunnamed (1)

Inside the palette you will find a clear slip with the names on the shadows. I really like this, as it’s a nice touch, and allows you to easily learn the names of your favourite shades 😉 There is a mirror on the inside, and as I said before, the highlight shades are bigger than the rest of the eyeshadows. This palette is perfect for day to day wear, as it has your base colour/highlight, matte transition shades, a variety of beautiful lid colours and dark mattes for the perfect smokey eye. I’ll definitely be taking this with me when I go away this weekend, as it has everything I need!


Swatches: Natural light, Samsung s5 phone camera. No primer.



name 2


I’m already in love with this palette and can see myself using alot for daily neutral looks, possibly even more dramatic stuff using the darker shades. A couple of the matte shades needed a couple of swipes before there was anything to swatch, but I have found that to be a very universal problem with affordable eyeshadow palettes, and have learned to use a heavier hand. Once you swipe it a couple of times, it’s absolutely fine. The consistency of the eyeshadows are quite creamy, they’re soft and very blend-able. You can blend out the intensity of the shimmer shades quite easily, so to avoid that, pat on the shimmer shadows rather than swiping. I think this is a beautiful palette, especially for £8. The packaging is perfect, it’s good for travelling, and the eyeshadows stay put all day. Yet another amazing product by the amazing Make up Revolution.

Much Love