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My Favourite False Eyelashes

Hey dolls!

Just a short blog post from me today, I had a follower request me to do a post about my favourite eyelashes… So here it is!

My FAVOURITE lashes at the moment are the Red Cherry #106’s. They’re glamorous, but still very natural. I just ordered a bulk of them as I know I’m going to go through the couple that I have pretty quick!

Next up are Red Cherry #43’s, which were, my favourite until I discovered 106. They’re so pretty and wispy.

For a very day to day natural look I’ll reach for Ardell Demi Wispies. Absolutely love them.


For Lash Glue, I use LashFix Eyelash and Body Adhesive. I have used this as a body glue and eyelash glue and it works great. I don’t really wear lashes for a long time anyway, but I have got a solid 6 hours using this glue, and then taken them off, so I’m not sure how long they would of stayed on for if I had left them. I don’t have problems with the lashes coming off, and this glue is EXTREMELY affordable at around £2.99 from eBay. I normally put a small blob on a palette, and then brush a tiny amount onto the lash. Wait around 20 seconds and apply and it dries clear. Definitely my favourite glue I’ve tried so far.



Red Cherry #106


Red Cherry #43


Ardell Demi Wispies

Like I said, just a short post, but I hope that helps! Let me know what your favourite lashes are in the comments below, as I love discovering new favourites!

Much Love

Lois xoxox