Anna Sui Eye colour palette Review

When browsing through the FeelYounique.com sale, I came across the Anna Sui eye colour palette, which normally retails for £28.00, down to £12. So I decided to give it a go.

Anna Sui Eye Colour Palette (Feel younique/Asos – £28.00 RRP)


So as soon as I opened the palette, I noticed a familiar scent, the same as my Missha Signature Radiance foundation, a smell that resembles old lady perfume. Why companies feel the need to heavily scent make up I have no idea. So immediately i disliked this product as I can’t stand that kind of scent, but I tried to give the benefit of the doubt, and see how it swatched.


For £28.00 I was disappointed in the texture and pigmentation of the shadows. A few shades were extremely chalky, powdery, very cheap feeling. As a big fan of Makeup Revolution eyeshadows, which are usually around £4-6 for a palette of 12 colours, I was sad that this much more expensive palette couldn’t even match that of the affordable shadows I usually use.

Not sure if you can see in picture but a few of the shades have chunks and alot of flakiness. The pale pink practically fell apart just being swatched too.

The next day I gave the palette one more chance and tried to wear a few of the colours. Apart from the horrible scent all was fine as I covered my lid in the white shade, and when I went in with the khaki green in the outer corner, I noticed the shadow just blends away to nothing. You have to lay  it on quite heavy to get any pigmentation from it, and then when you try and blend it, it just disapears.

Very disapointed, and relieved I didn’t pay full price for this palette, but even £12 seems far too much. Wouldn’t repurchase, wouldn’t recommend, and to be honest, this palette won’t be used at all.

Have you got this palette? Do you feel differently? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love


Elarner’s August favourites!!!

So today I’ll be telling you my favourite products of the month!!!

It’s safe to say one of the products I will forever be addicted to is lipstick!!! So no surprise that 2 of my new ones have made it into this months fave!!!

The first is M.A.C Ruby woo (£15.50) it’s just the most stunning matte red! I know a lot of people complain it’s drying but I think with a good lipliner (I like a Barry M one) and moisturised lips you really shouldn’t have any problems, I find this one of the most versatile reds out there, it suits every skintone and doesn’t travel at all, with it’s matte formula you can get a extremely long wear out of just one application!

Next on to Faux by M.A.C (£15.50) I loveeeee any lipstick of this colour! a pretty nude pink with a satin finish, I wore this all day yesterday over a liner (whirl by mac) i ate twice and drank throughout the day, and I think I re applied 3 maybe 4 times the entire day which I was very impressed with!!! I love lipsticks like this for every day wear I think this will be a forever repurchase of mine.

Swatches of both in natural light

My next fave product combo is the ZOEVA fine liner brush 315 (£5.95) & Rhimmel Kate black gel liner (£4.99 reduced from £6.99 at superdrug) As we all know I’m a total winged liner girl, Iv been doing it for aslong as Iv been doing makeup, Iv been in search of a nice gel liner & brush combo for a while since my benefit push up liner was such a fail I wanted something I can really get a clean sharp line and these are the two products Iv been loving!
The gel liner itself is super creamy and dries a matte black, extremely pigmented & easy to work with! Also no transfer at all once it dries it’s not budging anywhere!
The ZOEVA fine liner brush is one of the angled tip brushes so you can apply the liner from any angle with great ease and precision! It’s actually the first time Iv used a brush like this and it’s just perfect Iv already ordered another for my kit!

A next love of the month is my Red cherry 43 lashes! 100% human hair lashes for £2.60! Can you seriously beat that price??? They have soooo many to chose from but I just love the 43’s so much I always go back to them and have atleast 5 at a time stocked up! I would recommend them to anyone!

My last HG product of the month is my hourglass Ambient lightning powder, which I reviewed on my last post so please check that out to see how amazing it is!

So that’s my top 5 for this month what products are you loving right now! Please comment and let us know so we can check them out!!!

Love ya dolls!
Elarner xoxoxo

How to take a good picture.

A common question I get asked is what  camera I use, followed by shock when I say my phone. I do own a digital camera, but it’s somewhere at the back of a drawer somewhere with no memory or battery 😂

Every picture I’ve uploaded has been taking on my phone. I have recently gone from a Samsung s3 to a s5, not sure if there’s a lot of difference between the pictures taken on either phone really!

So I thought I’d share some of my tips & tricks to getting a nice and clear picture, even using your phone camera!

1) Always use your back camera. It’s going to be better quality than the face camera. If you struggle to position your phone/camera towards you when using the back camera, you can have a mirror handy to make sure you’ve lined up your shot correctly!

2) Take pictures in natural daylight. I always take mine standing right in front of my window.

3) Edit! You don’t need photo shop or fancy editing software! I use “Fotor” which is a free app, it allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation…etc. Play around with the settings until your photo is nice and clear!

4) If you’re finding the colours in your picture are being washed out, or of you’re quiet pale sometimes you’ll find you literally look milk bottle white in pictures. Hold something white within the frame of your picture, a piece of paper, some tissue, anything truly WHITE. This will help adjust the auto white balance and bring colour back to your picture where you want it.

That’s all I can think of right now, I hope that helps a little bit though! If you can think of anything else please let me know and I’ll add it to this post 🙂


Hourglass Ambient Lightning Powder

So just a quick review from me today!! After hearing about this for months and all it’s amazing reviews I just couldn’t help myself and had to jump on the bandwagon! I was slightly sceptical at first, how can this powder transform my makeup so dramatically???? But it’s safe to say it is incredible!!!

At £38 I really wanted to get my perfect shade the first time round, so I got diffused light a yellow based cream powder and with the recommendation of Wayne Goss, saying it’s the shade for all us pale skinned girls!

Diffused Light is supposed to “reduce redness and give skin clarity.” Like all of the shades within the new range, it is supposed to be suitable for all skin tones. The larger idea behind the Ambient Lighting Powders is that they help to make your skin look like it’s been lit by soft, diffused light; think having a bit of a photographer and his lighting crew follow you around, except in powder form.

Some people mistake these powders for highlighters but they aren’t at all, they are finishing powders that can be applied to different parts of the face to create the perfect light effect on your face at all times!

I like to apply mine after all my face makeup is finished, using a real techniques blush brush I lightly dust under my eyes on my forehead and down my nose, it just gives you that healthy glow but no way is it shimmery!

Overall Must say this is a 10 out of 10 for me! I most certainly will be wearing this on my wedding day it really does create such a flattering finish, it’s hard to describe just quite what it does for your think but just think flawless!

This is incredibly hard to swatch but this is it dusted over my hand you can see the gorgeous sheen it gives! Ahhhhh I love it!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Much love
Elarner XOXOXO

NYX Haul, Review & Swatches!

I recently got ordered a few bits from NYX website (www.nyxcosmetics.co.uk) and decided to do a review & swatches for all of you, incase any of you are pondering buying nyx products! I’ll try and keep each review short and sweet otherwise we’ll be here all day.


First up I got a new Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Milk, because mines pretty much on it’s last legs. That should tell you enough about me liking it, especially if I add I only bought it a few weeks ago! Haha. It’s seriously so versatile. I use it mainly as a primer for bright eye shadows and it shows up the intensity more! Definitely one of my HOLY GRAIL products! I also bought one in black (Black Bean ) and have used it once since I got it, and think it’s just as good at the Milk one, but obviously to achieve a dark base instead. I can see myself reaching for this alot, especially when doing dramatic looks!


(Top: Black Bean, Bottom: Milk)

Next I got something I’d never really heard about, about was on sale, so thought why the hell not. It’s called the Nyx Eyebrow Shaper. NYX clams it tames unruly brows to lay flat and pretty.. Since using it a couple times, I really have to agree. It’s amazing for getting my brows neat as possible before I go in with my Anastasia Dipbrow pomade. And it keeps your hairs in place all day. Which I’ve always had a problem with as I seem to have a few brows that like to curl up during day. LOL. I won’t swatch it as it’s just clear, so that’s pointless.


Nyx Eyebrow Shaper

Next up I got some lip liners. I really love NYX lip liners, they glide on beautifully, theyre pigmented and they’re long lasting. AND affordable. Win. I got Pumpkin, Fuchsia, Mauve, Cabaret, Coffee, and Black Berry.


Top to bottom: Cabaret, Coffee, Fuchsia, Pumpkin, Black Berry, Mauve)

And lastly I got some lipsticks. I LOVE Nyx lipsticks formula, it’s one of my favourite lipstick brands. So I picked up Bruised, Muse, Tea Rose, Haute Coutour and Electra. I’ve tried Tea Rose, Haute Coutour and Electra and LOVE them. Looking forward to finding an opportunity/reason to wear “Bruised” Oh my gosh, how gorgeous is it?!


Top: Tea Rose, Muse, Bruised… Bottom: Haute Coutour, Electra

So that’s it! (For this time :P) Have you tried Nyx products? If so what’s your favourite? Thanks for stopping by!

Much Love

Lois xoxox

My Favourite False Eyelashes

Hey dolls!

Just a short blog post from me today, I had a follower request me to do a post about my favourite eyelashes… So here it is!

My FAVOURITE lashes at the moment are the Red Cherry #106’s. They’re glamorous, but still very natural. I just ordered a bulk of them as I know I’m going to go through the couple that I have pretty quick!

Next up are Red Cherry #43’s, which were, my favourite until I discovered 106. They’re so pretty and wispy.

For a very day to day natural look I’ll reach for Ardell Demi Wispies. Absolutely love them.


For Lash Glue, I use LashFix Eyelash and Body Adhesive. I have used this as a body glue and eyelash glue and it works great. I don’t really wear lashes for a long time anyway, but I have got a solid 6 hours using this glue, and then taken them off, so I’m not sure how long they would of stayed on for if I had left them. I don’t have problems with the lashes coming off, and this glue is EXTREMELY affordable at around £2.99 from eBay. I normally put a small blob on a palette, and then brush a tiny amount onto the lash. Wait around 20 seconds and apply and it dries clear. Definitely my favourite glue I’ve tried so far.



Red Cherry #106


Red Cherry #43


Ardell Demi Wispies

Like I said, just a short post, but I hope that helps! Let me know what your favourite lashes are in the comments below, as I love discovering new favourites!

Much Love

Lois xoxox

My go to palette! Too Faced à la mode review

So afew weeks ago I asked what kind of things people want to see reviewed and my go to eyeshadow palette came up a number of times! In all honestly I have so many eyeshadows I mix and match on the daily but I decided to talk about this one as I find it the most versatile and has some of my most reached for shades. Anyone that follows me will know I love a neutral brown smokey eye I’m not really big on colours for my everyday look, but with this palette it does have the right amount of colour & neutral shade balance it’s perfect for that simple smokey eye of if you want to mix it up with a pop of colour you have that option aswell!

So let’s start by what too faced describe this palette as:

Too Faced A La Mode Eyes Sexy St Tropez Eye Shadow Collection is a gorgeous collection of summery shades to create bright and fresh eye makeup looks.
Capture a summer sunset in St. Tropez and say Ooh La La to this sensational collaboration of coral, golden pink and fiery copper hues. This indulgent eye shadow palette utilises Too Faced’s revolutionary silky smooth eye shadow formula which blends seamlessly and delivers vibrant colour with pure pigments for true colour payoff with an airbrushed effect.

First of all I will say this is a summer palette but as I understand it will be permanent for the time being so don’t worry you can still pick it up!

So let’s jump in with the shades
Described below
St. Tropez – Soft beige shimmer.
Cannes – Fiery copper.
Soleil – Rich chocolate shimmer.
Riviera – Pale peachy nude.
Jardin – Golden coral shimmer.
Cote D’Azur – Shimmering pewter.
La Croisette – Matte ivory.
Monaco – Fuchsia pink shimmer.
De La Mer – Deep navy blue.



I find I reach for riviera for my lid and Soleil for my outer v the most out of all the sades in the palette, however i’ll also use Cote D’Azur as a transition shade or for a more subtle smokey eye, and De La Mer for a real intense smokey eye normally if I’m going out or just feeling extra vampy that day, one of the things I love also about this palette is with a light hand you can use any of the lighter shades as a highlight even Jardin looks gorgeous swept over your cheekbone blended into blush 👌

This palette retails for £28.48 on beautybay.com I love to purchase my high end makeup from there as there is always a sale on or a free sample thrown in with a order!

My final thoughts
The only thing missing from this palette in my opinion is a good matte brown shade for transition! So if you are travelling or on the go you will need to grab one from your collection to go along with it but that is just my personal preference, it is also a very shimmer heavy palette so if you are more the matte shade lover it may not be for you but the shadows are of such a high quality, smooth & blendable I just can’t fault it! Like I said before u tend to mix and match with other shadows but you can quite easily create loads so many looks with this I will defiantly be repurchasing in the future!!!

Let me know what you think? Do you love it aswell? Leave your comment below!!

Much love
Elarner XOXOXO

Drugstore/High end Pinup make up!

Hey boys and girls! When Elarner and I got done doing our Sailor Moon make up collaboration we both couldn’t WAIT to do another. So we decided to both embrace our dark hair, pale complexion with a Dita Von Teese inspired pin up look! We also decided to do “high end” only  (Elarners look) and “drugstore” only (my look)
So here it is, we hope you like it! We had so much fun doing this and are both agreed that we’ll be rocking the pin up look regularly as we love it so much! All products will be listed below.
Much love to you all,

Lois. Xoxox





Primer- Mac skin & benefit Porefessional
Foundation- Estée Lauder double wear in sand beige
Concealer- bobbibrown corrector in light peach
Setting powder- Mac Mineralize skin finish natural in Light
Contour- Mac extra dimension bronzer in AphroditesShell
Blush- mac fleur power
Highlight- mac Mineralize skinfinish in Lightscapade
Brows- Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in dark brown & her brow powder also in dark brown

Lid- urban decay naked basics palette using the shade “naked 2” to define the crease
Liner- benefit there’re real push up liner
Mascara: ysl babydoll in black
Lashes: Red cherry #43

Lipliner- mac cherry
Lipstick- viva glam Rihanna



Drugstore only pin up look by Lois.
Primer : Garnier perfect blur  (Reviewed here)
Foundation: L’Oréal Infallible in 015 Porcelain
Concealer : Collection Lasting Perfection in Fair
Blush: Makeup Revolution in “Treat”
Contour: Sleek face form in Light.
Highlight: Sleek face form in Light.

Eyeshadow: Death By Chocolate by Makeup Revolution  (Not really that visible as I just used white and a taupe colour to define crease a bit)
Eyeliner: Double Flick by Makeup Revolution.
Mascara: L’Oréal Miss Manga
Waterline: MUA white eyeliner
Lashes: Red Cherry lashes in #43
Brows are Anastasia pomade in Ebony. Not really drugstore but already had it on from earlier. A drugstore alternative can be E.l.f cream liner in coffee.

Liner: MUA lipliner (Red)
Lipstick: Makeup Revolution Lipgeek lipstick in Cherry Bomb.

Bandana from eBay!


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All topped off with mac fix + 👌

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Contour Palette

As I’m sure you know by now, I’m pretty damn pale! And being pale I have 2 struggles that are REAL. Finding a matching foundation and finding highlight/contour shades that work for me. I saw an ad while browsing the interwebs for blank canvas and decided to check them out, and came across this palette.
Blank Canvas Cosmetics Contour Palette  (http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com £8.76)


Apologies for the markings on the palette, it’s used daily and is also that material that LOVES to grab finger marks and hold them dearly forever, no matter how much you wipe it down!


You get 6 shades. Highlight, Contour and a blush. I am a huge fan of the blush as it really suits my skin tone. A lovely corally pink!

I use the white shade as an under eye highlight, which would possibly be extreme on anyone with a normal skin colour, so the next one up would be a better fit as a highlight for a darker skin tone. I also use the white as an eyeshadow base, it’s fairly close to my skin colour when applied (yes, I really am that pale)

The second darkest contour shade is absolutely perfect for fair skinned girls, it’s not muddy, orange or too brown, and applies beautifully. This is my go to contour shade.

image  image

Left with flash right without.

The pigmentation isn’t amazing but I honestly prefer it that way for contour and blush as it’s not as easy to over do it. To me the white, yellow, lighter contour and blush are all PERFECT for my pale complexion. The powders blend lovely and gives a natural but visible finish and lasts all day. I will repurchase this palette forever!

Much love
Lois Xoxoxo

Benefit they’re real! push-up liner

So after posting about the benefit they’re real push up liner afew weeks back on Instagram Iv had so many questions about it so today I will clear up how I feel about it

RRP: 18.50

Benefit describe this as the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer the line, the bigger the eye!

The first thing I will say about this description is that it is indeed very matte black and that I LOVE, however there is something not quite right with the formula, i tend to find the first application goes on nice and creamy but the next click is much more clumpy.. It drags on the lid SO much and that is the biggest NO NO in eye beauty!! It’s very hard to get a crisp flick and I don’t think someone new to winged liner would get on well with this at all! I find I have to go in with a liquid liner to clean up the lines and that’s way to much effort!

In conclusion I will carry on using it untill it runs out as I’d did cost a pretty penny! But would I repurchase???? Not right now, not unless they improve the formula and untill then I will happily stick with a pot of gel liner and angled brush! 👍

Would love to hear everyone’s views on this! Have you got it let me know what you think!! 😘


Lots of loveee