Mini Review of Garnier Perfect Blur Primer

This  is only going to be a quick one, because, to be honest, the photos will pretty much review this for me. Firstly let me apologise for the kinda gross close up of my pores. But at the same time it’s worth embarrassing myself for as this product is amazing.

Garnier Perfect Blur Primer (30ml – £9.99 but depends where you buy it)


So the only “negative” thing I can say about this, is in terms of making your make up last longer, it doesn’t. But they don’t advertise it as that kind of primer so we’ll let them off for that.


The consistency is very silicone feeling, glides on skin VERY easily and makes your face very soft feeling. You only need a tiny bit for your whole face, although as this is a pore blurrer I’d only use it on problem areas as I don’t see any benefit using it all over.


My biggest problem area is under my eyes/beside my nose. Again, sorry for the extreme close up 🙈


This is the after picture. I PROMISE you no editing has occurred, picture was taken it exact same lighting at exact same position. It has literally done what it advertised  (which as a make up lover, you’ll know isn’t always a common thing, especially for an affordable drugstore item) and blurred my pores.

As I said this will only be a short review, but look at those results. I’m blown away, kudos Garnier, I’m sure this product will live in my make up collection for as long as it’s available for!


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