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I don’t post my discount codes very much (or at all) so figured I’d let you guys know where you can save money. Some are affiliate codes so that means I make a % from any sales using the code. Some are just codes for you guys to get money off. I don’t like to push sales or codes on you guys but I figured knowing where you can get money off could help you guys out a bit, so here they are in one place. Will update whenever I get new codes ❤

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Mu-Lac Cosmetics Swatches and first impressions

   Mu-Lac Cosmetics Swatches and First impressions
Mu-Lac is an Italian brand who has a wide range of make up ranging from every day glam to fun and edgy, upon reading up about them I came across this quote on their site, and I love it

“If we were all the same, where would the fun be?”

First Impressions will be included under each swatch below.

I wanted to try and show the detail of each swatch, so instead of covering my arm and getting everything confusing I separated them into categories. All swatches are directly from my camera, no filter no editing, in natural lighting to try and show best what they look like in the flesh

Cream highlighters


(01 Flash, 02 Gleam, 02 Spark)

*Angel chorus* These are absolutely stunning, buttery, creamy and very pigmented. There is a scent to all of the products, but it is not unpleasant, kind of a sweet smell. I feel these will be gorgeous applied with a damp sponge for a subtle glow, or as a base for the powder highlights, for a intense glowing goddess look

Powder highlighters

(06 Eros, 07 Apollo)

Also, very gorgeous. I feel like I’d have to be VERY light handed with Apollo to pull it off being so pale but I’m determined to make it work.

Cream contour and highlight


(01 Eos, 08 Era, 05 Artemide)

These suprised me so much. At first glance the texture looks rough and at very first touch of the cream it feels that way too. but the second the warmth of your skin mixes with it, it’s very creamy. What i like about these is they do have a bit of sticking power, by that i mean when you place it down, it doesnt budge all that much, which is great for contouring so you can keep everything where you want it to be, but at the same time, blending out beautifully. These do remind me of the Anastasia cream contours, but a bit creamier.

Powder contour


(01 Ipno (bottom), 08 Ares (top))

HELLO perfect contour shade for ghosties, Ipno I’m talking to you. For the longest time I’ve used NYX Taupe Blush for contouring, I don’t like to contour with harsh warm tones (but thats just me, you do whatever makes you feel good) so upon finding this I was very excited. The darker warmer one Ares probably isn’t for me, I think it would work on someone more tanned but i’m a ghost, so nope. But Ipno… i think there is a beautiful love story in our future

Powder blush

(04 Scar, 06 Ariel)

These scare me. But only because I dont wear blush very often. But i’ve been trying to get out my comfort zone alot more and I’ll definitely be giving these a try with a very light hand. If I can’t get these to sit right on my ghost face I’ll use them as eyeshadows 😉 The colours are so beautiful though, makes me wish I wasn’t so pale so i’d at least have a shot with these



(02 Mou, 08 Shock, 10 Pulp, 05 Pretty Woman)


I love the names of these, especially Pretty Woman. Such beautiful shades, wearable, fun and egdy, can’t wait to wear these. They are very creamy to swatch but they dry and mattify more after a while, and VERY pigmented. When I came to wiping these off after I took a picture I found they all left a stain that was quite hard to get off. I don’t know about you but to me thats a good thing! I’ll update with more indepth review once Ive had a good play which all the products properly. I was extremely fortunate enough to be sent these, however, as always the opinion is my own and reviews are 100% honest.

Mulac –

All the Love



Cherry Culture The Strip Collection – Mirage


The Mirage palette contains 12 beautiful shades, from neutrals to the perfect summery coloura, including a variety of mattes and shimmers


The eyeahadows are very buttery and they blend like a dream. I only found the red shadow to be a bit patchy or chalky but I think reds have always been hard to get perfect.


So far I am LOVING this palette. I’ve had a play around with the more neutral side of the palette but those oranges are calling to me! Should be posting a look using those soon.


Lois ❤

Makeup Revolution The ONE Blush Sticks swatches

Makeup Revolution The ONE Blush stick (£5 each from


Makeup Revolutions brand new blush sticks come in a sleek stick form in 8 beautiful shades, 4 matte, 4 shimmer. The name are as following:

Dream, Matte Dream, Pink, Matte Pink, Rush, Matte Rush, Malibu and Matte Malibu.

They can be applied dry for high intensity colour, or wet to sheer them out. I have found applying with the stick then sheering out with a damp beauty blender to be the most flattering on my extremely fair skin.


These are very similar to NARS The Multiple sticks (although exact shade dupes I’m unsure of at the moment) However at only £5 each they are a huge fraction of the price. And even though they are extremely cheaper, the quality is still mind blowing.


Here are the swatches of the blush sticks. As you can see Dream is a beautiful highlight shade, and Malibu and Matte Malibu and more bronzer shades. You should be able to find a shade to suit your skin tone in this bunch. I personally find Matte Dream and Rush applied dry and blended out and Matte Rush (sheered out with a BB) to suit me best out of the shades.

The formulation is creamy and smooth, and blends like a dream. And they last a lot longer than powder blush. I have tried Matte Dream out today and it has stayed put the whole time. I applied over my foundation, then set with a translucent powder, you could also set this blush with a powder blush.

For a fiver each, you just can’t go wrong! Well done AGAIN make up revolution, there’s a reason this brand is hyped up so much! Affordable, yet quality products every time.

Lois xoxox

My September/October favourites!

First of all I wanna just apologise for the lack of my posts lately! Iv been on a family holiday so have been super busy but I promise from now on I’m all yours!!

So let’s move on to some of my favourites of late!
First up is the mac 130 stippling brush I it’s a smaller version of the popular 187 brush that personally I don’t like to apply foundation with so I was sceptical, HOWEVER this brush really does give you a flawless look! I find I use half the foundation i normally would and it just sits beautifully! Blends like a dream and has little to no shedding! It does take a lil longer to apply foundation with as it’s so little, however defiantly worth the extra few minutes in my opinion! In fact I switched back to my sigma f80 the other day as I was in a hurry and wanted a quick face, And omg my face looked so cakey! I had to wipe it all off and start again with the 130, I was so surprised in how much difference it actually made!!!
So concluding on that I rate this 10/10! It’s really transformed my foundation and for that I’m forever greatful 🙏 😂

(Google image as my brush was a lil dirty for an up close shot sorry!)

Next up is a lipstick that Iv posted about so much lately and even been featured afew times! and that’s Posture by Illamasqua it’s a cool toned lilac/grey and AHHHH I’m obsessed it’s so long lasting, not to drying and a true matte finish. I wear it paired with macs stone liner which is a cool grey and compliments it so well!👌 I get so many lovely compliments when I wear it ☺️ I think any pale skinned girl NEEDS this in their life!!

My last favourite of the bunch is actually a limited edition blush by Mac, I hate to post LE Favourites as I know they can be super hard to get hold of after release but I couldn’t leave this out I love it so much! (And I believe it’s still available on Selfridges online & some Mac counters)
It is the Blush in “fun ending” from the A novel romance collection, a pale pinky peach blush with a satin finish, its gives such a gorgeous sheen with no actual shimmer! It’s pretty perfect for the lighter skintones as it is gorgeously subtle unlike most blushes I find I can be a little more heavy handed without looking like a clown! I think Iv worn it pretty much every day since finding it at a random mac counter in Scotland! And it’s a total love of mine! Infact I may be getting a backup because I’m weird like that and fear running out of my favourite LE products🙈

(Sorry about the awful lighting the weather was so miserable and dark outside I was struggling!)

So there we go my 3 faves of the month! I have afew other fave lippies that I’ll be swatching an posting about soon but couldn’t wait to share these babies with you! So please feel free to like & comment and let me know what you think! Also follow me on Instagram @ElarnerDawn for lots more makeup looks!!

(Wearing fun ending in pic^👌)
ElarnerDawn 😘

Makeup Revolution Atomic Collection Lipstick swatches


Make it tonight, Make it right, Ruby, Serpent and Make it magnificent
These lipsticks are an amazing £1 each!! from (


Swatches: (Natural lighting)


As you can see the Atomic Collection is DUPE HEAVEN! At a fraction of the cost… You can’t go wrong!

Let me know if you pick any up! Would love to see you all rocking these bold colours 🙂

Much love

Lois xox


W7 make up review

I was very fortunate to be sent a few products from W7 and Playboy Makeup to review. I’ve decided to do it in 2 parts so this doesn’t get TOO much of an essay.

First up… “W7 Skin Fresh Concealer” (£4.95 RRP from


The concealer comes in a tube, which is handy and hygienic, easy to squeeze out the amount desired and no wand applicator that can gather germs. The packaging is simple and the shade is written clearly on the packaging.



They sent me their lightest shade “Fair” which unfortunately is still too dark for me, however, I’m not your typical “fair” skinned girl, I’m a complete ghost. As long as you can normally find your shade within the lighter shades of drugstore foundations this concealer will work for you.

That aside, I still tried it out to test its coverage. Its quite thick in consistency, probably better suited for blemishes rather than your under eye area to conceal dark circles and such. Its a medium coverage, definitely enough to cover average blemishes, discolouration, mild scarring.

It wears well for about 4\5 hours. But you could easily pro long that by setting it with primer/powder/setting spray.

All in all a nice product. I’m disappointed I won’t actually be able to make use of this but I’ll be passing it off to my mum who I’m sure will enjoy it.

Next up…

“Angel eyes – Out on the town” eye-shadow palette (£6.95 RRP



I was so happy with the colour range when I first had a peek inside. The perfect combination of matte and shimmer in all the right colours. A base colour, a highlight (which was actually more of a match on me but as mentioned before that’s just me being as pale as it gets), transition and a darker matte to smoke it out… And some pretty shimmers.


On the cover of the palette, it claims the shadows are “silky”. When I swatched them I agreed with that statement straight away. They are like butter… Very soft, very silky… Just glides onto the skin very beautifully and smoothly. The swatches shown above are one swipe. I think packing on more than that would help give the colours a little more intensity. So far so good…

I then gave the eye-shadow palette a go. I used the lightest shade as a base, second lightest blended through my crease as a transition, third shade as lid colour and the darkest in the outer corner to smoke it out. Sounds pretty right? But here’s the problem I encountered, the shadows blended into each other TOO well. Even with very light handed blending it just blended into one big greyish shimmer. I think this palette will still work as a lid colour only type deal, but trying to use multiple colours together probably won’t show up as anything more than a bit of a smudgy mess.

Also, from the 3rd shadow onwards, there is alot of fallout. So doing your eye make up before foundation would be essential, so you can clean up without ruining your face. Or use shadow shields (or much easier… A bit of tissue to catch any fall out)

I personally won’t be reaching for this much. I love the first 2 shades for a nice base/transition but I prefer palettes that I can achieve a whole look with as I don’t like using a single shadow from lots of different palettes.

Lastly for this post…

W7 Zoom mascara (£4.95 RRP


Now this I was unsure of. I had previously purchased another w7 mascara and hadnt been much of a fan of it. But I tried to keep an open mind…


This is my preferred wand style… I feel like it’s easy to coat every lash, and doesn’t get clumpy. So this was a good start. I curled my lashes as usual then gave this a test run… And I FELL IN LOVE. Its a fabulous mascara for volumising your lashes without them getting clumpy and spider leg looking. After one coat I couldn’t believe how pretty my lashes were. After a second coat, even more lovely. I didn’t even feel like I needed my false lashes after! Haha. I do have quite long eyelashes naturally though which is important to point out. Mascara doesn’t hold any magical qualities. But for volumising and separating what you’ve got and making your lashes super black…this is perfect. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this when I run out.

Well that’s it for part 1! Hope this has been helpful to you guys if you are thinking about trying out w7! I’ve been using their products for some time and really love their eye-shadow base, brow gel and in the buff/in the nude palettes (Urban Decay Naked 1&2 dupes) Next post will be about the lipsticks from w7 and playboy makeup.

Thanks for reading
Much love
Lois xoxoxo

Pin up competition!


Hey beautifuls! So a couple weeks ago me and Elarner were discussing doing a joint giveaway, then we both (literally at the same time) had the idea of making it a competition instead! So we talked over the theme and decided on PIN UP!

The lucky winner, who will be selected by myself and Elarner will win the following!

—-Mac Ruby Woo lipstick—-
—-Rimmel Kate Gel liner—-
—-Red cherry lashes in #43—-

All are favourites and loved by us at Beautiful Darkness!

So obviously we have to have some rules.

1. Must me a pin up look created specifically for the comp, no re used looks. By this we mean you can’t just hash tag a 43 week old pin up look you did. We won’t accept any entries that were uploaded before today’s date (5th September)
2. Must follow @LoisMua, @ElarnerDawn & @BeautifulDarknessBlog on instagram
3. Profile must be PUBLIC or we won’t be able to see your entry!
Open internationally.

So here’s what you have to do…
Create a pin up look! we do advise photos are clear as possible, I do have a tips blog post on taking clear pictures on your phone if you don’t own a fancy camera. But obviously we will be judging the look, not how good your camera is.

Upload to IG and hashtag
This is very important as we will be using the hashtag to view entries and pick the winner. If you don’t use the hashtag there’s a chance we’ll miss your post and we really hate the idea of that 😥

That’s it! Enjoy and good luck. Pin up is our personal favourite of both of ours so we’re SO excited to see everyones looks.

Any more questions feel free to comment below, email us at beautifuldarknessblog or drop us a comment/DM on Instagram (@beautifuldarknessblog)

Much Love beauts!
Lois & Larn

Autumn Lips

So Autumn is upon us! My favourite time of the year! With my birthday & Halloween I get a little excited to say the least! however I also get to rock my favourite dark vampy lip colours!!!! And don’t get me wrong I do still wear them in other seasons but nothing beats a real vampy lip in the fall, so today I’ll post my top 5 I hope you enjoy them and maybe try some out!!!

First is illamasqua “growl” I was lucky enough to get this in a sale but it’s RRP is £18.50, this is one of the most gorgeous rich monogamy brown with a matte finish! Extremely long wearing and amazingly pigmented!

Second pick is Limecrimes “wicked” velvetine, retails for £13.50 from, a deep red with slight brown undertones, this is a liquid lipstick so goes on like a gloss as drys to a Matte finish but surprisingly not drying on the lips at all! and lasts literally all day with just one application, I especially love this if I’m going out to eat as I know It will stay put!

Third on the list is a new favorite of mine thanks to the recommendation from my gorgeous girl Lois! This is Makeup revolutions vamp lipstick in the shade “100% Vamp” you can purchase this from for just £1!!!!! this is a very close dupe of macs cyber lipstick just with more of a creamy finish! A gorgeous deep plum I just cant get enough of it!

The last lipstick of the bunch is NYX, soft matte lip cream in “Transylvania” (£5.50) This is also a liquid lipstick so apples like a gloss and doesn’t budge at all! It’s a deep deep wine colour, so pretty and will be forever a lipstick I reach for!

So my last Autumn lip essential is actually a lipliner! Nightmoth by Mac cosmetics, (£12.00) I actually wear this liner with all of the above lipsticks it’s extremely versatile great for a ombré lip effect or just lining the lips normally! I personally find it essential with any dark lip colour as you especially don’t want the lipstick smudging or bleeding all round your mouth so this will defiantly keep it looking crisp & beautiful!

So that’s my go to Autumn lip colours! I hope you all enjoy them and look forward to rocking them over the coming months

Much love dolls!
Elarner XoXoX


Make up revolution velvet lip lacquers first impression

Today I will be reviewing the BRAND NEW velvet lip lacquers from make up revolution. There are 4 new colours to choose from. Velvet Rebel, Velvet Vamp, Velvet Depravity and Velvet Blackheart. Obviously I had to get them all!
quers £3.00 each from



Velvet Vamp, Velvet Rebel, Velvet Black heart and Velvet Depravity


They are the same colours as the lipstick with same/similar names (Rebel with cause, Blackheart, Depraved and 100% vamp) though very matte as opposed to the slight sheen the lipsticks have and a lot longer lasting and touch proof. The lip lacquers are like the original lipsticks but on steroids


First impressions: Firstly the colours are GORGEOUS. They are definitely my kind of thing! Having already tried a lip lacquer from Make Up Academy, also £3.00 and hated it I was a bit worried about not liking these especially as the colours are so perfect I really wanted to like the formula. So when I first applied Red Velvet (first one I decided to try) I was so happy to find it wasn’t the same as the MUA formula which is extremely sticky and bleeds alot. It glides on smoothly and feels like a gloss and very quickly dries matte. I would advise wearing a lip balm under these however I’d advise that for any lip product anyway, especially a matte formula.

Longevity: No plans to go out today, so my stress test will just be wearing it during the day. Also about to eat lunch so I’ll report back on how it holds up!
Its now 7 o clock so thought I’d report back. Have eaten, and drunk several cups of tea. The colour came off a bit onto the cup but when I checked in the mirror it was still great. Then came the ultimate test. My son attempted to remove the lip color with a tissue. Normally I’d distract him so my make up remains intact but decided it was a good test of how smudge proof/touch proof it is. After a good attempt to remove my lip colour it had only gone a little bit patchy but still totally wearable just needed a teeny touch up. Amazing. So 7 hours wear eating and drinking and ALOT of smudging thanks to my son, and it’s held up great. Very happy with this product!

Conclusion: I really love the formula of these, definitely better than I expected! Well done Make Up Revolution another great product!


Velvet Rebel lip lacquer